The First Crusades 1096 to 1099


The First Crusades board game, is a turn based war game, for 2 to 11 players. It is set during the 11the century A.D. in the Levant. The game includes 1 map 36” x 48” at 24 miles to the inch, 1,540 military and control chits, player aids, medieval Bezants counters, 3-6 sided and 3-10 sided dice. Players can choose to play the Crusaders, Byzantines, Lesser Armenians, Seljuk Turks, Other Muslims and the Fatimids of Egypt. This war game can provide the whole family with hours of entertainment, while learning a great deal about the actual history of the 11thc A. D. The price of the game does not include shipping and handling. The map will be shipped in a separate mailing tube by my printing company. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. You need to cut out the counters.


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