The Age of Iron & Steel 1870 to 1929


The board game, The Rise of the Iron & Steel Industry of the United States and Canada, is a turn based economic game set in the late 19thc and early 20thc in the eastern USA and southern Canada. The game includes 1 map of the eastern USA and Canada 36” x 48” at 28 miles to the inch, circa 1920’s A. D., 3,200 number counters to record your sites, 50 pages of commodity charts listed by state, multiple player aids and 4-10 sided dice. Players can choose to play various sectors of the Iron and Steel industry and their related finished products providing the whole family with hours of entertainment, while learning a great deal about the actual history of the Iron & Steel industry in the late 19thc and early 20thc United States and Canada. The price does not include shipping and handling. The map will be shipped in a separate mailing tube by my printing company. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. You need to cut out the counters.


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