Ottonian Empire: The Struggle of Medieval Dynasties 900-1050 A. D.


Ottonian Empire game is used to play the dynastic game which brought into being the Holy Roman Empire.

The price of the game does not include shipping or handling. The game is a card based board game for 2 – 5 players, ages 13+, set in the 10th century AD.

Players re-live the dynastic struggles which brought into being the Holy Roman Empire from the dying embers of the Carolingian Empire. The game includes a map, 250+ cards, 4 dice, 200+ counters, play money & rule book.

The games includes 2 Decks of Cards: the Imperium Deck and the Title Deck.  The Imperium Deck contains the most famous nobility of the Ottonian Age (900-1050 A. D.), with their personal characteristics, and a collection of strategic cards, which the players use to build up their Dynastic Faction, acquire offices and titles and vie to become Holy Roman Emperor.  The Title Deck includes the most notable titles of Nobility and Ecclesiastical Offices of that age and a description of the possessions of their domains.

The map features the political divisions of 1oth Century, Central Europe, with the Kingdoms, Duchies, Margraviates and Counties that existed in the Ottonian epoch.

Play proceeds by each player drawing and playing cards, engaging in political and military conflicts to extend and protect their domains and defend the empire from foreign invasions.

The exceptional educational value of the game consists in its exacting detail and accuracy in regard to historical facts, names, places, dates and political and social relationships of the 10th century.

The Rule book includes a complete description of all the game components, easy to read rules, and a a variety of game scenario options, from games which last 1 hour to the Grand Campaign game which lasts 6 hours, so that all ages will find in the game, Ottonian Empire, a lively and ever-changing entertainment experience.

Playing time varies from 1 to 6 hours, depending on scenario chosen.

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